north sea film festival for underwater movies
9, 10 en 11 november 2012, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam
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No 6th edition of North Sea Film Festival planned yet
At North Sea Film Festival (NSFF) for underwater movies the unknown marine world surfaces! During the last edition in 2012 visitors enjoyed in large numbers nearly 60 underwaterfilms, all screened in 16 theme blocks.  Wrecks, sharks, expeditions and life too small for the human eye were shown.

We had Q&A's with filmmakers, the tour took you on navy vessel Hydra, which was moored at our doorstep in the Rotterdam harbour, lots of informationboots to visit, all in a very relaxed, loungy, festival atmosphere.

We would love to organise a 6th edition of the only underwaterfilmfestival in the Netherlands (and beyond) in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam but we are only able to issue the final go ahead when all finances are organised. That seems to take a little longer this time...

Winners last edition (North Sea Film Festival 2012)   

North Sea Film Festival Award professional category: Deeper by Laurent Mini   
North Sea Film Festival
independent category: Double Devotion by Peter van Rodijnen
North Sea Film Festival Highland Music Award: The Sea Strangest Square Mile by Johne Boyle

North Sea Film Festival Audience Award: Hot Tuna by Rick Rosenthal

Stichting Anemoon Environmental Award: Ghosts of the Baltic Sea by Joakim Odelberg

You want to know what these films were all about? Read here the filmdescriptions...
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